sábado, abril 15, 2006

Mi compañera de trabajo, la Prof. Angela y su Teem Gauchitas del IEM-UNSa (SALTA, República Argentina)

Proyecto interdisciplinario-unesco
Our Institute depends of the University National of Salta,Argentine, is a Proyect different from other institutions.It is locate in the north zone of Salta's city, placed to the north of Argentine, near Bolivia and Chile.The studens enter of 12 year, are six year of study. Of 1 º attait 4 º to the morning, 5º and 6ºthree days to the morning and every evening.They are received of graduates by orientation in Formulation and Proyect Evaluation.We work as associate school RED PEA UNESCO. and gain (earn) an international prizr Props (Pillars) of the Peace.We have 20 year the creation.

What do you want to learn most about your partner team?

I want to learn with my equipment(team), the form of life that possess, his(her,your) current customs, gowns, eaten, in end(purpose), everything relating to my companions of Egypt. It(he,she) thrills us day after day, to know that in spite of the distance that separates us, we can know and share so many things, up to the happiness of being a father of one of the supervisors of another equipment(team). We are sharing a lot of information and knowing across them his(her,your) wonderful country.

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